Driven by the motto “Universal excellence in every detail”, Sept Global promotes its brands around the world thanks to its constant commitment to the quality and tradition of olive oil.

These traditions, combined with a vision for the future, set them apart and use their leading position in the sector and iconic products to add value to our health, our people and our planet.


Sept Global
Sept Global
Sept Global
Sept Global
Sept Global



Sept Global actively exports 24 different products, 843 tons per year, to 10 countries. In order to sell and market its products worldwide, it needed a website with a clean code structure, a simple and understandable UI/UX design, and a website that would run smoothly.

It needed to organize its products in different categories in a properly structured hierarchy and on a web architecture that would work flawlessly. As a result of the meetings held by Sept Global officials and Mad Guns Digital, the site map was determined. 


We started working on the website design in line with the brief received. In the end, the customer’s requests were made in full. All tests were completed before publishing the website.


Sept Global’s website was completed exactly according to their brief. Mad Guns Digital was very pleased to work with Sept Global. Mad Guns Digital also continues its partnership as Sept Global’s chosen digital marketing and social media agency.


Stay One Step Ahead with Mad Guns Digital

Today, anyone can make a Website. However, not everyone can make a Website that is designed for maximum conversion rate optimization, in line with the digital marketing plan and blended with the user experience strategy without breaking the corporate line.