Keep Your Company One Step Ahead with Corporate Blog Design

A corporate blog is not only a part of your corporate website, but also an important part of your business’ corporate image. Blogs serve as a channel for businesses to reach their target audience effectively. Blog posts are very flexible. They are suitable for product updates, service details, informative articles and announcements.

You will want your blog to be a source of authority and reputable information. It should help position your company as a leader in its field. A blog, when properly designed, structured and published, can be a powerful tool that will deliver solid results in terms of a company’s brand awareness and SEO.

How Do We Create a Corporate Blog?

The custom design process for a corporate blog is similar to the process we go through for website design. Our team of highly experienced designers will first create a prototype, which we then develop based on your marketing plan. Our development team will then code and integrate the design into your website or can build it into a standalone corporate blog within WordPress. Once your blog is installed and configured, we further customize it with plugins to increase its functionality.

We always ensure that the blog design is unique yet captures the brand image of your corporate website. 

Mad Guns Digital’s Corporate Blog Design Pack

Our blog design package includes the following services:

  • WordPress Installation
  • Prototype Studies
  • Special Add-ons
  • Conversion Optimization
  • WordPress Edits
  • Dedicated Design and Digital Marketing Team
  • Fully Customized Design Solutions
  • WordPress Integrations and Plugins

Customer Oriented Corporate Blog Design Service

You have the last word. This applies to all our design services. How you make the most of your product/service is as important as what you offer. Our dedicated blog designers will sit down with you and discuss your goals for your blog, your target audience and how you want to present your corporate image to them.

You should have control over your online presence. Our mission is to give you the tools and resources to do just that.