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Websites don’t just need to look good, they also need to be effective. Mad Guns Digital, a full-service web design agency, provides your business with innovative, aesthetically pleasing, professional web design solutions for websites that convert.

In addition to being the first point of contact with the customer, your website is the first point of contact for more company-customer interactions over time. First impressions are especially important when it comes to selling services and products. But in addition to creating a good first impression, Mad Guns Digital delivers the user interface and experience that creates new customers from ordinary website visitors.

How Do We Design a Website?


Appearance is one of the first things we study when starting a website design. A website should create a good impression with its theme, style, color scheme, content presentation and visual elements. We use static and dynamic design elements such as optimized images, videos. Of course, with responsive web design, we ensure that the aesthetics of your website are consistent across different screen sizes.

Menu Structure

Menu structure can make the user experience of a website easier or harder. We use a simple but effective navigation structure. Breadcrumb allows visitors to understand where they are and navigate easily, mega menus to strengthen the menu structure with visuals/video, or if you want to use the hamburger menu for mobile, you can choose according to your needs or preference.


We add visuals that keep visitors on the website and help them move around easily. With directional cues, eye-catching visual elements, calls to action and offers, you can get users where you want them to be without losing their attention.

Mad Guns Digital UX/UI Design Packages

Unique Web Pages

Unique Web Page Design

Each page will have a suitable design that combines aesthetics and functionality. Pricing depends on the number of pages of your website.

Customized Design for Your Brand

We will further enhance your website’s user experience with a tastefully crafted website that matches your brand image and goals. You can choose between simple and high-end styles that can be customized according to your preferences.

Special Design for Your Brand
Expert Copywriting

Expert Copywriting

Content is everything. Our team of experienced copywriters will create original copy for your website. Increase engagement with SEO-optimized content that fits seamlessly into the UX design of the website.

Responsive Web Design

With the developing technology, responsive design has become a necessity. Make sure you don’t lose an important part of your target market with responsive web design. Create a seamless user experience on different device sizes and optimize your website with mobile devices.

Responsive Web Design
SEO Services

SEO Services

Make the most of your website’s improved user experience and interface with SEO. Enjoy higher search engine rankings and increased traffic to your website with the help of our team of digital marketing experts.

High-quality Results You Can Measure with Mad Guns Digital’s UI/UX Suite

With the help of our SEO and digital marketing experts, you will see tangible improvements in your website's SERP ranking.


Our UX and UI design team specializes in improving the user experience. Improvements in website usability are comprehensive and can involve different elements of the website.

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Whether it's lead conversion or sales conversion, Mad Guns Digital will equip you with the tools you need to achieve your marketing goals.

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Get ahead of your competitors with great user experience. At the end of the day, user experience is about the image of your business and how customers perceive your product or service when they experience it.

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A great marketing strategy is useless if your user experience is broken. UX and UI design is another way to seamlessly implement your strategies and make a bigger impact on your bottom line.

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We are a UI/UX Design Agency where you will get results

One of the most important features of Mad Guns Digital is that we create innovative and tailor-made designs. When it comes to UX and UI design, we follow best practices and focus on key elements and issues that need close attention. Mad Guns Digital’s UX and UI design service can add high value to your website.